143-2019 - Weekend diagnostics trial for cut flower imports starting in September

30 August 2019

Who does this notice affect?

Importers, approved arrangements, freight forwarders and brokers that deal with imported cut flowers and foliage.

What has changed?

Commencing 1 September 2019, the department’s entomologists will be trialing provision of preliminary identification of certain types of live pests detected during weekend inspections of consignments of fresh cut flowers and foliage.

When: Initially an entomologist will be available for three to four hours on Sundays. The timing and duration will be adjusted to, and aligned with, the volume and scheduling of cut flower inspections each week.

How: Inspection officers will link to the entomologist using remote-imaging microscopes to obtain preliminary identifications and advice on whether or not treatments or other biosecurity measures are required.

The extent of coverage across different locations will depend on technical capability for networking of remote-imaging of microscopy. Weekend release of consignments that only require fumigation will depend on bookings of fumigation service providers and overtime for the department to assess fumigations and release.

Where: Cut flower inspections in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth (and possibly Adelaide depending on demand).

The outcomes of weekend diagnostics, including the proportion of consignments with pests that are released on weekends, will be reviewed throughout the trial and the provision of diagnostics on weekends will be adjusted accordingly.  

Note: the weekend diagnostics trial is only for consignments of imported fresh cut flowers and foliage. This is because the import conditions for cut flowers require all consignments with pests to be secured pending diagnostics.

Further information

For importing enquiries please phone 1800 900 090 (when prompted press 1 and then 1 again) or email imports@agriculture.gov.au

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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