174-2019 - Onshore intervention for non-compliant offshore Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) treated consignments

31 October 2019

Who does this notice affect?

Stakeholders in the import and shipping industries—including treatment providers, Biosecurity Industry Participants, importers, customs brokers, principle agents and master consolidators—associated with importing goods that require increased intervention during the 2019-20 BMSB seasonal measures.

What has changed?

The department has identified approximately 200 treatments conducted by registered offshore treatment providers that did not meet the department’s BMSB treatment requirements.

To ensure the biosecurity risk presented by these consignments is adequately addressed, they will require re-treatment on arrival in Australia or export where the consignment is not suitable for re-treatment onshore.

All affected treatment certificates are invalid and have been withdrawn from BMSB risk season lodgements system by the department. Six hard sided containers that are affected will be directed for onshore re-treatment or export, and stakeholders for these goods will be advised through AIMS directions.

Goods that arrive as break bulk, or in open top or on flat rack containers that have been affected may be treated as an exceptional circumstance by the department as the client has had their goods treated in good faith. These containers will be permitted to discharge and unload on arrival, providing that assurance can be given to the department that the goods can be immediately contained (e.g. envelope tarped) on arrival prior to onshore treatment. These goods may be subject to random inspection after onshore treatment.

For goods arriving as break bulk, or in open top or on flat rack containers, a risk management plan must be submitted to the department via email to seasonal pest policy, prior to the goods arriving into Australia and before discharge. The plan must include:

  • Details on how the goods will be contained to manage the potential BMSB risk within 24 hours of arrival (for example, sufficient tarping to contain the risk such as envelope tarping), and
  • Confirmation that the goods can be treated within 48 hours by a department approved onshore treatment provider either at the wharf or, at an approved arrangement site within the port precinct.

A list of the containers affected by this action as at 29 October 2019 is included below as ‘Attachment A’

Importantly, the offshore treatment providers that treated these consignments have not been suspended or withdrawn from the Offshore BMSB Treatment Providers Scheme. The treatment providers are permitted to continue to conduct BMSB treatments.

Re-treatment onshore or export has previously been applied to consignments where non-compliance has been identified and will apply if future non-compliance is identified. A number of consignments treated in Turkey, Germany, Belgium and the United States are currently affected by this action.

The list will be updated if any additional containers requiring re-treatment on arrival are identified. Industry Advice Notices will not be published each time the list changes.

Further information

For further information on these requirements, visit the Offshore BMSB Treatment Providers Scheme webpage or contact BMSB Treatments.

Attachment A

Affected container numbers requiring re-treatment on arrival in Australia or export where the consignment is not suitable for re-treatment onshore:

APZU3782026 CSNU1348156 HASU4292530 MSKU3784679 SUDU5963379
BEAU4701285 CSNU6069658 HASU4352705 MSKU3890412 SUDU6934544
BMOU2774332 CSNU6071845 HLBU1083112 MSKU7919324 TCKU2399014
BMOU4180284 CSNU6094650 HLBU2280374 NYKU0810818 TCKU6492505
BMOU4389130 CSNU6264612 HLBU2725691 NYKU3525096 TCLU2288086
BMOU4848856 CSNU6267041 HLBU9052150 NYKU4837930 TCLU3286051
BSIU2201228 CSNU6453107 HLXU1132132 NYKU5238670 TCLU7331009
BSIU9296837 CSNU6758554 HLXU1303322 NYKU9520548 TCLU9564587
CAIU2613678 CSNU6758554 HLXU3207061 NYKU9520548 TCNU1806341
CAIU7291722 DFSU6149021 HLXU3566884 NYKU9807944 TCNU2939903
CAIU8813713 DFSU6150552 HLXU5628563 ONEU0325907 TCNU5589054
CAIU9021388 DFSU7336557 HLXU5653360 OOCU7362830 TCNU7247322
CARU9629564 DFSU7422655 IPXU3373991 OOCU7619683 TCNU9445712
CAXU6801309 DFSU7457190 KKTU8191708 OOCU7790422 TEMU1321166
CBHU8616777 DFSU7568254 MAEU4139054 OOCU7900010 TEMU1857863
CBHU8653390 DRYU9369482 MAEU4174440 OOLU0257589 TEMU6430200
CBHU8802236 ECMU2500390 MAEU4210548 OOLU0318935 TEMU7844478
CBHU9104121 EMCU2500023 MAEU6789172 OOLU0499474 TEXU1040060
CBHU9144736 FBIU0471760 MAGU5787193 OOLU0521557 TGBU6792169
CBHU9150600 FCIU2704436 MEDU1887000 OOLU1008765 TGCU5050889
CCLU5071415 FCIU3269729 MEDU1914960 OOLU1038836 TGHU3425644
CCLU6893900 FCIU4217519 MEDU3638389 OOLU1046003 TGHU7941130
CCLU7093286 FCIU9822298 MEDU7341927 OOLU1832002 TLLU4406674
CCLU7104380 FCIU9994825 MRKU2719888 OOLU1958264 TLLU4583514
CCLU7172889 FDCU0193790 MRKU4785600 OOLU6758314 TLLU4643188
CCLU7295409 FDCU0453497 MRKU5404267 OOLU7758880 TRHU1577362
CCLU7445427 FDCU0589400 MRKU5965139 OOLU8671300 TRHU1846327
CCLU7481620 FSCU8316381 MRKU7181922 OOLU8735010 TRHU2948555
CCLU7491187 FSCU8483373 MRKU8429130 OOLU9591344 TRHU3770513
CCLU7841860 FSCU8514514 MRKU9253678 OOLU9653889 TRHU3770513
CMAU0669710 FTAU1182424 MRSU3517246 OOLU9877030 TRIU0356437
CMAU1185500 GATU8821531 MRSU3666260 PONU0083485 UACU3457913
CMAU5105056 GESU1390274 MRSU4030123 PONU0530460 UACU3825492
CMAU7688097 GESU6355743 MSCU1573106 PONU7189015 UACU3885927
CMAU7814092 GLDU329064 MSCU6139941 RFCU4030837 UACU3995246
CRTU7009587 GLDU5513840 MSKU0256087 RFCU5009990 UACU4408894
CRXU7212041 GLDU9440249 MSKU0344629 SEGU2733011 UACU5541896
CSLU2359625 HAMU1022565 MSKU1418264 SEGU4998278 UETU5172318
CSLU6037308 HAMU1225388 MSKU2190271 SEGU6301443 WBPU7010432
CSLU6060150 HASU1189359 MSKU3232129 SEGU6436789  
Last reviewed: 29 September 2020
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