201-2019 - Lodgment and assessment of biosecurity onshore results including treatment and imported pig meat requests via email

2 December 2019

Who does this notice affect?

All clients currently lodging biosecurity onshore measure results including treatments for assessment and imported pig meat requests via email.

What has changed?

When sending an email to Treatments, the request type and communication listed below must be specified in the email subject heading:

Email subject line format: AA Number – Entry Number – “Request Type”
e.g. V123 - A1234567 – Treatment

“Request Type” is any of the following words highlighted in bold:

  • Disposal
  • Treatment If the goods requiring treatment are Perishable item please also add Perishable e.g. V123 – A1234567 – Treatment – Perishable
  • Export
  • In Cold Transits
  • Overtime for requests outside of business hours
  • 4.7 or Secure Unpack for Secure Unpack requests to be conducted at an approved 4.7 premise
  • ATT (Authority To Treat)
  • Pig meat Movements
  • Pig meat Discrepancies

Email content must include:

  • Description of the nature of the request e.g. Export
  • Required attachments relating to the request e.g. Airway bill (Export), Record of Fumigations (Treatment) etc
  • Contact details (Name and Phone Number) to assist us in contacting you for more information if required.

Note: Any documentation received that does not fit the above criteria will not be assessed.   

Further information

For further information regarding this notice or for general advice on assessing onshore treatment results please contact the department on 1800 900 090.


Last reviewed: 2 December 2019
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