23-2019 - Regulator Performance Framework 2017-18 self-assessments

15 February 2019

Who does this notice affect?

All stakeholders interested in providing feedback on the department’s Regulator Performance Framework 2017-18 self-assessments.

What is happening?

The department is seeking feedback on its Regulator Performance Framework (RPF) 2017–18 self-assessments.

The department works with governments and industry partners to grow the value of agricultural trade and reduce risk to the agricultural sector.

Regulation is a central part of its role and the department is committed to being an effective and best practice regulator that considers the impact of regulation on regulated entities and the broader community.

As part of being a best practice regulator, the department undertakes an annual assessment of its regulatory performance using the Government’s mandated Regulator Performance Framework (RPF) and has the results validated by external stakeholders before publication.

All interested stakeholders are encouraged to read the relevant self-assessments and provide feedback through the link below.

Further information

For more information and to provide feedback, please visit Have Your Say.

For all other inquiries, please contact AgWater Regulatory Reform


Last reviewed: 29 September 2020
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