105-2020 – COVID-19 impact on Cat and Dog arrivals into Melbourne International Airport

2 July 2020

Who does this notice affect?

This notice is for all airlines, freight forwarders, pet transport companies and importers of cats and dogs to Australia.

What has changed?

The Premier of Victoria, Mr Daniel Andrews has reimposed stage three restrictions on 10 postcodes across Melbourne which will be in lockdown from 11.59pm, Wednesday 1 July 2020. The Premier has requested that for the following two weeks international flights will be diverted from arrival into Melbourne Airport. This will have a direct impact on the importation of companion animals arriving on international passenger flights.

The current COVID-19 pandemic does not change the existing risks posed by diseases of biosecurity concern to Australia or the need for cats and dogs to meet the import permit conditions in full. This includes the requirement for cats and dogs to arrive directly into Melbourne International Airport, excluding dogs and cats exported from New Zealand, or dogs holding an assistance dog permit. The department may consider re-exporting or euthanising animals that do not fulfill this requirement. The department is working with all animals diverted mid-flight to establish alternative arrangements.

Post Entry Quarantine facility (PEQ) – Mickleham

The department requests that no animals be loaded for transport to Australia until confirmation that flights can land at Melbourne Airport. Animals cannot be transhipped to Melbourne on a domestic flight from another Australian port.

Pet importers and owners must secure an airline booking directly into Melbourne Airport and are advised to confirm both the flight arrival date and the PEQ reservation date to receive their animal before being exported to Australia. Please email PEQservices@awe.gov.au if you wish to amend a PEQ reservation due to flight disruptions.

The PEQ facility is located in Mickleham, which is one of the 10 postcodes in lockdown from 11.59pm, Wednesday 1 July 2020. Please check relevant state or territory government websites for interstate travel movement restrictions.

Pet importers and owners will continue to be responsible for arranging the collection of their animals from the PEQ whether in person or by engaging the services of a local pet transport company.

Further information

Importers are encouraged to check our website regularly or subscribe to our mailing list for up to date information as import conditions can change without notice.

If you require further information, please call 1800 900 090 or email Imports.

Last reviewed: 2 July 2020
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