155-2020 - Trial of alternative arrangements for site audits of facilities that manufacture and export processed plant-based stockfeed to Australia

17 September 2020

Who does this notice affect?

Australian importers and overseas manufacturers and exporters of processed plant-based stockfeed.

What has changed?

When you apply for a permit to import processed plant-based stockfeed to Australia, we must often undertake a physical inspection of the proposed offshore facilities to confirm they meet our biosecurity requirements for processing and exporting the product to Australia.

With ongoing overseas travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic preventing us from undertaking this work, we are trialling an arrangement that will allow suitable third parties to undertake site audits on our behalf.

When we receive your permit application, we will assess whether a site audit is required and if it is suitable to be conducted by a third party. You will then be asked to nominate a preferred auditor who must apply to us to undertake the work.

By putting in place these alternative arrangements, we’re helping to ensure that Australian livestock producers can have ongoing access to essential stockfeed products during this challenging time.

Learn more about how we will work with you and the third party to undertake site audits of offshore facilities.

Further information

If you have any questions, you can contact us at:

  • Email at imports.
  • Phone (from within Australia): 1800 900 090
  • Phone (from outside Australia): + 61 3 8318 6700
Last reviewed: 17 September 2020
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