35-2021: Updated inspection requirements for rural consignments of new horse floats

10 March 2021

Who does this notice affect?

This notice is of interest to importers and customs brokers who import new horse floats under tariffs 871639, 871640 and 8716800036.

What has changed?

This notice supersedes the notice 222-2020: interim inspection requirements for rural consignments of new horse floats.

The department has finalised the review of the import conditions for new horse floats.

New risk profiles have been be implemented within the Integrated Cargo System (ICS) to refer new horse floats to the department for intervention.

Rural consignments of new horse floats will be referred to the department for a document assessment and rural tailgate inspection, to ensure compliance with the documentation requirements as listed in BICON.

Rural consignments will be directed for a full unpack inspection at a metropolitan Approved Arrangement site, if:

  • The goods are not accompanied by acceptable documentation stating that the goods are new and unused.
  • The biosecurity officer identifies biosecurity concerns during the rural tailgate inspection.
  • The biosecurity officer cannot perform the rural tailgate inspection adequately due to accessibility.

Metropolitan consignments of new horse floats may be randomly referred to the department for a document assessment, for commodity assurance purposes. A verification inspection may be required to verify the consignment is as stated in documentation and ensure freedom from biosecurity risk material.

The BICON Case for ‘Animal Transport Equipment’ has been updated to clarify the above changes in the import conditions and onshore outcomes.

Further information

Industry participants requesting further information are encouraged to contact the department by emailing imports@agriculture.gov.au (Attention: Sea Cargo) or by calling 1800 900 090.


Last reviewed: 10 March 2021
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