Khapra beetle interceptions

Khapra beetles have recently been intercepted in Australia. Several cases have occurred on imported cargo and containers at the border and post-border.

Khapra beetles are a serious pest overseas.

Our response

To ensure the interceptions do not pose an ongoing biosecurity risk, we:

  • have ensured the affected containers and goods have been traced, fumigated or secured for treatment
  • have issued multiple Biosecurity Control Orders
  • set up an Incident Management Team
  • are analysing global trade patterns, to understand why these interceptions are taking place
  • will put in place new measures to better manage the risk of khapra beetle entering Australia.

Current cases

Khapra beetles have been found in a container of white goods. These were imported by major retailers.

We conducted extensive tracing of the goods.

76 refrigerators have been traced to various retailers and their customers.

Our biosecurity officers have inspected the facilities and goods. They are now supervising treatments to eradicate the pest

Keep alert

This is an isolated incident. There is no cause for alarm.

If you do see any evidence of any insects in packaging material or in the goods that you have purchased, please report it. To do this call our See. Secure. Report. hotline on 1800 798 636.

One of our biosecurity officers can come and take a look at the goods. They may take samples so that we can identify the pest. In most cases it is a bug already known to us in Australia.

If we think it is an exotic pest, we will contact you quickly to work through the next steps.

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Last reviewed: 21 August 2020
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