Biosecurity engagement

All Australians can contribute to maintaining Australia’s biosecurity status. There is an increasing notion that biosecurity is a shared responsibility between government, industry and the community, as suggested in the Beale review, 2008. Australians from all walks of life can contribute to maintain Australia’s biosecurity status by:

  • complying with best biosecurity p​ractice (for example, not taking fresh produce into pest-free areas and controlling pests in backyard fruit trees); and
  • helping address biosecurity issues (for example, reporting suspected exotic pests, weeds or diseases or becoming volunteer pest monitors).

In order to get community members on-board it is important to engage them effectively. The Engaging in Biosecurity project (May 2008 – February 2012) investigated how the community could be best engaged to address biosecurity issues; it developed a proposed National Plant Biosecurity Engagement Framework, as well as, a number of other products that could contribute and create more effective community engagement with biosecurity issues.

  1. A basis for a national action plan for biosecurity engagement (‘big picture’ focus)
  2. Best recommended practices (regional and local focus)
  3. Tools and mechanisms

Other documents of interest include:

Last reviewed: 4 March 2020
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