Land Management Practices Data and Maps

​​​Surveys of land management practices

ACLUMP uses surveys and census data to show patterns and trends in management of agricultural land.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

  1. Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS): ARMS reports every two years on land management practices being used by Australian farmers. The first ARMS survey was conducted in 2007-08 and provides the baseline for reporting against intermediate outcomes for the Australian Government's National Landcare Programme.
  2. Agricultural Census: The Agricultural Census is the basic source of Australian agricultural commodity statistics. The census is conducted every five years (since 1996-97) with a smaller survey conducted annually for the intervening years. A select number of land management questions are asked on each census and survey. 

Cropping calendars for natural resource management regions of Australia

ACLUMP State and Territory partners have completed generic cropping calendars for major broadacre crops and improved pastures within natural resource management regions based on expert opinion. The calendars have been collected to describe the timing of operations which may cause significant fluctuations in vegetative ground cover over large areas of agricultural land within a natural resource management region. The calendars are available in a nationally consistent database with user guide and metadata. For more information please e​mail ABARES.

MODIS fractional cover, metrics and field site data

ACLUMP partners are assisting in the validation of a MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) fractional cover product developed by Guerschman et al. (2009). This MODIS product is a 16 day composite updated every 8 days with a spatial resolution (pixel size) of 500 m.

ACLUMP State and Territory partners are collecting field measurements of fractional ground cover (both living and dead vegetation and bare soil) to enable the national fractional cover product to be improved. These field site data also contain site descriptions including land use and management, vegetation species, and soil condition. A remotely sensed time series of fractional cover enables ground cover to be directly monitored and the influence of climate and land management practices considered.

See the MODIS fractional cover, metrics and field site data.

Last reviewed: 21 January 2021
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