Practice Statements

​What are Practice Statements?

Practice Statements are nationally approved directions to staff across a range of legislation and standards administered by the Department. They set out the principles we operate by and the powers and obligations of both staff and clients.

Along with Chief Executive Instructions (CEIs), Practice Statements form a key part of the department’s internal controls and operational framework. They are the primary source of information on the internal management of practices across a range of legislation and standards.  They provide practical and useable information on departmental policies and rules and are supplemented by additional departmental instructions and guidelines.

What framework is applied to the Practice Statements?

The Practice Statement framework comprises three tiers:

Practice Statements

Primary high level documents of 2–3 pages approved by the Secretary or a delegate at a First Assistant Secretary level. They set out the core principles we operate by and the powers and obligations of both staff and clients.

Instructions and Guidelines

Set out guidance on a given topic in respect to the process, standards or criteria to be adhered to. These are approved by the process owner at Assistant Secretary level.

Reference Material

More detailed ‘how to’ instructions for staff to follow in carrying out their duties.

Practice Statement topics

The suite of topics is currently under review for transfer from existing systems to the new Practice Statement System.

The governing document establishing the system is called the Practice Statement System

Where can I get more information?

For more information on DAFF’s Practice Statements please send an email to the Administrative Practice mailbox.

Last reviewed: 3 February 2020
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