Intensive livestock and game

​​​The department plays an important role developing policy and providing advice to the Australian Government on issues affecting the intensive livestock and game industries.

Australian Eggs and Australian Pork Limited are the industry service bodies responsible for research and development and marketing activities for the egg and pork industries respectively.

Agrifutures Australia carries out research and development for other established industries including kangaroo, camel, rabbit, horses, deer and chicken meat.

Agrifutures Australia also facilitates the development and capacity-building for new animal products including alpaca, dairy goats and sheep, game pig and game birds and supports the New Rural Industries Australia alliance.

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Representative bodies


Levies and charges are imposed at the request of peak industry bodies for:

  • animal disease management
  • marketing
  • residue analysis
  • research and development.

Levies and charges are collected on the sale, slaughter and/or live export of animals in the intensive livestock and game industries.

The Australian Government legislates for, collects and disburses the levies and export charges on behalf of industry.

The Levies Revenue Service within the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has responsibility for collection and disbursement of the money.

State government contacts

For issues concerning licenses; regulations and guidelines; and animal husbandry and management (including branding and permits), you should contact the relevant State and/or Local Government Authority. Local authorities should be a first point of contact regarding the raising of animals and environmental and welfare regulations and guidelines.



Last reviewed: 6 October 2020
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