​​AQUAVETPLAN is the Australian Aquatic Veterinary Emerge​ncy Plan. It is a series of manuals that outline Australia’s approach to national disease preparedness and proposes the technical response and control strategies to be activated in a national aquatic animal disease emergency.

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources manages the development and maintenance of AQUAVETPLAN manuals. The manuals are authored by Australian aquatic animal health experts with extensive stakeholder consultation. Each manual undergoes a formal endorsement process through government and relevant industry sectors. Manuals are prepared during ‘peace time’ so that the information is readily available in the event of an actual emergency.

AQUAVETPLAN manuals are working documents that are updated as required to ensure they take into account new research, experience, and emerging disease threats.


Disease Strategy Manuals

Finfish Diseases:

Crustacean Diseases:

Mollusc Diseases

Operational Procedures Manuals

Management Manuals

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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