Chief Environmental Biosecurity Officer

Australia’s first Chief Environmental Biosecurity Officer (CEBO) was appointed in October 2018.

The CEBO’s role is to raise awareness and  build Australia’s capacity to manage biosecurity risks to Australia’s unique wildlife, our way of life, and our status as a clean, green exporter of high-quality food.

The CEBO’s role includes:

  • building networks and relationships with key internal and external stakeholders, including Indigenous Australians, to promote and strengthen environmental biosecurity outcomes and reduce threats to the environment from exotic and invasive species
  • providing strategic direction and policy advice on environmental biosecurity issues and key threats to endangered species and ecosystems from invasive species and diseases
  • being the point of contact for national reporting of environmental pests, diseases and weeds under the National Environmental Biosecurity Response Agreement (NEBRA) and ensuring clear Commonwealth leadership during environmental responses, and
  • enhancing our understanding of environmental biosecurity risks through:
    • supporting risk assessments and analysis
    • improving the capture, analysis, management, use and sharing of data and information to inform investment and decision-making, and
    • encourage increased and better-coordinated research
  • liaising between government and the community to raise awareness and build Australia’s capacity to manage biosecurity risks.

The CEBO also participates in a number of key national bodies:

Building Australia’s environmental biosecurity capacity

The CEBO is building Australia’s environment biosecurity capacity by:

Strengthening environmental biosecurity management

The CEBO is strengthening Australia’s environmental biosecurity management by:

Developing networks and knowledge sharing

The CEBO is developing biosecurity networks and knowledge sharing by:

About Dr Robyn Cleland

Dr Cleland started as Australia’s Chief Environmental Biosecurity Officer in April 2021. Dr Cleland has held senior leadership roles in the Australian Public Service for over a decade and worked across the portfolios of Agriculture, Health and Environment, working in policy, compliance and regulation. Her scientific expertise spans biosecurity, plant health, biotechnology, food, ecology and agriculture. Before she joined the Australian Public Service, Dr Cleland was a research scientist at the University of Cambridge, the University of Sheffield and the Australian National University.

The Chief Environmental Biosecurity Officer is a national leadership role like the:

Media statement

Dr Robyn Cleland appointed as Chief Environmental Biosecurity Officer

Last reviewed: 6 April 2021
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