Dairy products for human consumption

We have started a review of the biosecurity risks associated with importing dairy products for human consumption into Australia.

Steps to complete this review

When we do a review, we:

  • review the science on pests and diseases of concern
  • assess and analyse biosecurity risks
  • develop proposed risk management measures
  • consult the public on the draft report and then review comments
  • publish a final report
  • develop import conditions
  • publish import conditions in our Biosecurity Import Conditions System (BICON)

About this review

In 1999, the department completed an import risk analysis on dairy products for human consumption from all countries. This led to the development of import conditions for dairy products, which have been updated over time as particular aspects were revised.

This review aims to modernise Australia’s dairy import conditions to reflect the current and future trading environment.

This review will consider the biosecurity risks association with importing (from any country) dairy products for human consumption into Australia. It will include dairy products manufactured from milk obtained from cattle, buffalo, sheep and goats.

Make a submission

At this early stage of the review, we are seeking your feedback on specific issues with Australia’s current import conditions for dairy products for human consumption.
You are invited to:

  • read the current import conditions
  • submit your feedback, including a scientific basis for any proposed changes to the import conditions, through Have Your Say.

Submissions should be received by 12 March 2021.

Next steps

We will carefully consider your comments in preparing the draft report. This will:

  • identify potential biosecurity risks
  • propose appropriate risk management measures.

We will seek your feedback on the draft report when it is released.

Learn more about why we carry out risk analyses and our international obligations.

Contact us

For more information about this review email Animal Biosecurity.

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Last reviewed: 13 January 2021
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