BAA2011-13 Final review for the importation of hazelnut (corylus species) propagative material from Chile into Australia

​29 July 2011

Final review of policy for the importation of hazelnut (corylus species) propagative material from Chile into Australia

This Biosecurity Australia Advice (BAA) notifies stakeholders of the release of the “Final review of policy: importation of hazelnut (Corylus species) propagative material from Chile”.

The final report recommends a pathway specific systems approach, which is designed to manage quarantine risk off-shore and takes into account Chile’s favourable pest status for hazelnuts.

Australia initiated this review of policy following a request to import hazelnut propagative material from Chile in commercial quantities through a defined pathway. This review has identified pathogens of quarantine concern associated with hazelnut propagative material from Chile and proposed appropriate quarantine measures to manage the risks.

The commencement of the review of policy was announced in Biosecurity Australia Advice 2011/07 on 18 May 2011. The draft policy review was released on 10 June 2011 for a 30 day consultation period (BAA 2011/08). Following stakeholder consultation, all comments received were carefully considered in finalisation of the policy.

This review recommends a systems approach for managing the risk of imported hazelnut nursery stock, taking into account:

  • Chile’s favourable pest status,
  • high health production systems for the dormant rooted cuttings to be exported, and
  • regular pest monitoring of nurseries and plantations by Servicio Agricola y Ganadero (SAG) in Chile,

The recommended import conditions comprise:

  • pre-export insecticidal/fungicidal treatment of dormant rooted cuttings,
  • phytosanitary inspection and certification by SAG,
  • off-shore verification inspection (for large consignments) by AQIS and,
  • mandatory growth and disease screening in an open post-entry quarantine facility in Australia for a minimum of 12 months.

Dr Vanessa Findlay
A/g Chief Executive

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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