BAA2011-11 Final IRA Mangoes from Pakistan

​22 July 2011

Biosecurity Australia Advice 2011/11 - Final non-regulated analysis: Extension of existing policy for fresh mango fruit from Pakistan

This Biosecurity Australia Advice (BAA) notifies stakeholders of the release of “Final non-regulated analysis: Extension of existing policy for fresh mango fruit from Pakistan”. 

The final report recommends a combination of risk management measures and operational systems to mitigate the risk associated with the importation of fresh mango fruit from Pakistan to meet Australia’s appropriate level of protection (ALOP).

Australia has existing quarantine policy that allows the importation of mangoes from Haiti, India, Mexico, the Philippines and Taiwan, subject to specific quarantine conditions. Australia initiated this non-regulated analysis for the importation of fresh mangoes from Pakistan, following a request for market access from the Department of Plant Protection, Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MINFA), Government of Pakistan.

The commencement of the review was announced in a BAA (2010/06) on 17 March 2010. The draft policy review was released on 8 April 2011 for a 60 day consultation period (BAA 2011/03). Following stakeholder consultation, all comments received were carefully considered in finalisation of the policy.

The fruit flies (Bactrocera correcta, Bactrocera dorsalis and Bactrocera zonata) and mealybugs (Rastrococcus invadens and Rastrococcus spinosus) identified in this non-regulated analysis have previously undergone risk assessments in the policies to import mango fruit from India and Taiwan.

Quarantine measures recommended for mango from Pakistan build on Australia’s existing policy for the importation of mango from India, the Philippines and Taiwan. As the mango bark beetle and MSDS pathogen complex have not been considered in previous policies, Biosecurity Australia has recommended additional measures to mitigate the risk of MSDS pathogens entering Australia on mango bark beetle. The final report recommends the following measures;

  • Fruit flies pre-export vapour heat treatment, or hot water dipping treatment or, irradiation
  • Mealybugs inspection and remedial action or irradiation.
  • Mango bark beetle and MSDS orchard management
  • On arrival inspection and remedial action, if required;
  • Supporting operational systems to maintain and verify phytosanitary status

DAFF officers will observe the application of the treatments and the phytosanitary inspection by MINFA officers in Pakistan at the commencement of the initial export season and at other times as necessary. This requirement will be reviewed annually.


Dr Colin J Grant
Chief Executive

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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