BAA 2011-07 Hazelnut propagative material from Chile

​​18 May 2011

Biosecurity Australia Advice 2011/07 - Commencement of a review of policy for the importation of hazelnut propagative material from Chile into Australia

This Biosecurity Australia Advice announces the formal commencement of a review of policy for the importation of hazelnut propagative material from Chile.

Biosecurity Australia will prepare a draft report which will be released to stakeholders for comment when complete.

Australia has an existing policy to import hazelnut propagative material from all countries, however this policy has not been reviewed for some time.  The existing policy requires imported propagative material to undergo a period of post-entry quarantine in a government post-entry quarantine facility with disease screening.

Biosecurity Australia has initiated this review in response to an application to import commercial quantities of hazelnut propagative material from Chile through a defined pathway. 

This review will identify pests of quarantine concern associated with hazelnut propagative material and propose appropriate quarantine measures to manage the risks.  The review will propose specific import conditions for imports from Chile using a defined pathway.  During the course of this review, Biosecurity Australia may also modify the import conditions for hazelnut propagative material from all sources.

The next step is to prepare and release a draft report to enable all interested stakeholders to comment. The draft report will be available this website, or will be directly sent to registered stakeholders.

Following the completion of the comment period, Biosecurity Australia will consider all comments and publish a final report.

Dr Colin J Grant
Chief Executive
Biosecurity Australia

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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