Release of draft Regulations associated with the Biosecurity Import Risk Analysis and Inspector-General of Biosecurity

​​This Biosecurity Advice notifies stakeholders that the draft Regulations associated with the process for Biosecurity Import Risk Analysis and the Inspector-General of Biosecurity have been released for the public to consider and provide comment.

The process outlined under the Biosecurity Regulation (Biosecurity Import Risk Analysis (BIRA)) 2013 is proposed to replace the Import Risk Analysis process provided for under Part 6A of the Quarantine Regulations 2000. The BIRA Regulation sets out the steps, time limits, content requirements and other matters relating to the completion of a BIRA.

The Inspector-General of Biosecurity Regulation 2013 (IGB Regulation) supports the Inspector-General of Biosecurity Bill 2012 and set out the time period for a request for a review of the process of conducting a BIRA and the requirements for the publication of a report on a BIRA review.

The Biosecurity Bill 2012 and Inspector–General of Biosecurity Bill 2012 have been introduced into the Parliament and are before a Senate Committee inquiry. Senate Standing Orders prevent debate or a vote being taken on Bills while they are subject to committee scrutiny. The Senate Committee is scheduled to report on 24 June 2013.

Amendments made to the Bills in response to the Senate Committee inquiry and changes made on the floor of the Parliament would need to be considered in making Regulations. Regulations will, therefore, not be finalised until the Bills are passed. They are published on the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) website to inform community discussion and to assist the Senate Committee in its considerations of the Bills.

For further information on the draft biosecurity legislation, visit the DAFF website, email or phone 1 800 040 629.

Subscribe to the biosecurity legislation distribution list on the DAFF website to make sure you get the latest information about the Regulations.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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