Biosecurity Advice 2017-07 - Prawns and prawn products from all countries for human consumption

​16 May 2017

This Biosecurity Advice notifies stakeholders of the formal commencement by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources of a review of the biosecurity risk of and the import conditions for prawns and prawn products from all countries. The department will prepare a draft report, which will be issued for stakeholder comment.

The review will consider the biosecurity risks for the importation of cooked and uncooked prawns and prawn products from all countries for human consumption and recommend appropriate import conditions to manage the biosecurity risks. The review will be conducted through a non-regulated risk analysis of existing import conditions and policy (including the Final generic import risk analysis report for prawns and prawn products 2009).

The review will take into account current scientific information, international standards developed by the World Organisation for Animal Health, as well as policies adopted by other countries for the importation of these products. It will identify and categorise hazards of biosecurity concern associated with the importation of these products. Risk assessments of disease agents will be undertaken as required.

The next step is to prepare a draft report to provide stakeholders the opportunity to comment on the analysis. Another Biosecurity Advice will be issued to invite comment once the draft report has been completed and placed on the department's website.

Following the consultation period, the department will consider all comments in preparing a final report.

This Biosecurity Advice is available via the department’s website. Please pass this notice to other interested parties.

The Biosecurity Liaison Officer is the first point of contact and can be contacted as follows:

Email: Prawn Liaison Officer

Dr Andrew Cupit
Assistant Secretary
Animal Biosecurity

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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