Animal Biosecurity Advice 2019-A09 - Reinstatement of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as an approved jurisdiction for import of horses to Australia

25 November 2019

The Department of Agriculture has assessed the equine health status of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HK SAR) and the biosecurity controls in place for racehorses under the control of the Hong Kong Jockey Club that travel to and from the Conghua Training Centre (CTC) in the Guangdong Equine Disease Free Zone (EDFZ) in the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Effective Monday 25 November 2019, HK SAR is reinstated as an approved jurisdiction for immediate importation of horses to Australia.

Import conditions for horses from HK SAR are available at:

The department initiated this assessment after the suspension of HK SAR on 2 October 2017. This was in response to concerns about potential biosecurity risks to Australia from horses moving between HK SAR and the CTC.

Australia’s favourable equine health status, including freedom from serious equine diseases, protects Australia’s 1.3 million horses and gives Australian industry an advantage in international trade. The assessment was necessary to ensure that the risk to Australia’s horse industry could be managed if horses were imported from HK SAR while horse movements between HK SAR and the CTC continue.

Between January 2018 and November 2019 the department completed a desktop assessment and in-country verification visit. This determined whether biosecurity risks associated with importing horses from HK SAR were consistent with Australia’s Appropriate Level of Protection. It was concluded that horses can be imported to Australia from HK SAR if they have resided in HK SAR, including movement to and from the CTC, prior to export provided the revised arrangements, including import conditions listed on BICON, are complied with.

Dr Peter Stoutjesdijk
Assistant Secretary (A/g)
Animal Biosecurity

Last reviewed: 25 November 2019
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