Brown marmorated stink bug

We have completed a final report for the brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys) pest risk analysis. The final report does not recommend a change to the measures already in place for brown marmorated stink bug as such, imports can continue.


Steps to complete this risk analysis

When we do a pest risk analysis, we:

  • review the science on pests of concern
  • assess and analyse biosecurity risks
  • develop proposed risk management measures, if required
  • consult the public on the draft report and then review comments
  • publish the final report
  • develop import conditions.

About the pest risk analysis

We initiated this pest-specific risk analysis following the introduction of emergency measures on 23 February 2015 in response to increased detections of brown marmorated stink bug at Australian ports and changes in the international status of this pest.

Final report

Summary of the final report

The final risk analysis assesses the likelihood of entry, establishment and spread of brown marmorated stink bug as a hitchhiker on goods, and the consequences if it were to establish and spread in Australia. The likelihoods were assessed for goods originating from both northern and southern hemisphere countries and were based on the insect’s seasonal overwintering and summering biology.

The final report proposes that the importation of goods into Australia from all countries with established brown marmorated stink bug be permitted, subject to a range of biosecurity conditions.

Risk management measures

The final report proposes a range of risk management measures, combined with operational systems, to reduce the biosecurity risks posed by the stink bug on imported goods and achieve the appropriate level of protection for Australia. Depending on the type of good and its origin, the risk management measures proposed include one or more of:

  • enhanced surveillance
  • sulfuryl fluoride fumigation
  • methyl bromide fumigation
  • heat treatment
  • approved safeguarding arrangements.

These proposed measures are consistent with the current seasonal measures in place for target risk goods and vessels arriving to Australia from brown marmorated stink bug risk countries from 1 September 2019 to 31 May 2020.

Download the final report

Department of Agriculture, December 2019.

Document Pages File size
Final pest risk analysis for brown marmorated stink bug PDF 115 3.1 MB
Final pest risk analysis for brown marmorated stink bug DOCX 115 11.4 MB

If you have difficulty accessing these files, visit web accessibility for assistance.

Draft report

We released the draft report on 29 August 2017 for a 60 calendar day public consultation period, closing on 27 October 2017.

Next steps

The final report reflects the completion of the risk analysis. As the risk analysis does not recommend a change to the seasonal measures already in place, no further changes are required and imports can continue.

We will continue to monitor the spread of brown marmorated stink bug and other seasonal hitchhikers and take action as necessary.

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Last reviewed: 4 January 2021
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