Changes to egg and egg products certification (2018-01)

Date of issue: 09 January 2018

Date of effect: 31 January 2018


  • Industries—Australian Egg Corporation Limited
  • Export registered egg manufacturing establishments
  • Registered licensed exporters and EDI users of egg and egg products
  • Department of Agriculture and Water Resources—Central and regional offices


To notify manufacturers/exporters that there will be changes to how egg and egg products can be described in the department’s health certificate/ export permit.

Summary of key points

  • From 31 January 2018, the department will no longer accept the addition of manual certificate descriptions which forms part of an export permit application (RFP).
  • This change should have no impact on the accuracy of our government to government certification, particularly as the product will be accurately described by the cut-code and reflect export and importing country requirements.

Changes to description of eggs in export health certificates

To support this change, the department will implement electronic changes in the export documentation system (EXDOC).

If a manual certificate description is entered, an error message will indicate that a manual certificate description is not permitted.

You will need to remove the manual certificate description before re-submitting your RFP.

The product description on the certificate will default to what is listed in the preservation code, product type, cut type and pack type in the RFP in that order.

Refer to our egg product codes for EXDOC users code list to make sure you are entering cut codes which are applicable for your product.

Your commercial documents can be used to satisfy any customer requirements or commercial arrangements. For example, the ‘organic product certificate’ that is obtained from the approved certifying organisation.

If you believe the importing country requires a manual certificate description to be included on our government documents, and access will not be granted without it, you will need to obtain written evidence from the government agency authority that this is a condition of entry. If this evidence is provided, the department will work with the authority to clarify exact requirements.

Further information

Contact Dairy Eggs Fish if you have any queries.

Last reviewed: 11 November 2019
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