Australian Fish Names—changes to EXDOC for saucer scallop species (2018-02)

Date of issue: 23 January 2018

Date of effect: 1 February 2018


Seafood Export Consultative Committee
Registered export manufacturing establishments
Registered licensed exporters and EDI users
Department of Agriculture and Water Resources—Central and regional offices


To notify manufacturers and exporters of changes to Australian Fish Names and/or scientific names for saucer scallop species in the export documentation system (EXDOC).

Summary of key points

This includes:

  • the description of the fish that is part of the trade description applied to fish for export
  • the description (including the scientific name) that appears on export documentation and health certificates issued by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

Changed Australian Fish Name for scallop species

Detailed in Table 1 is the change of name and scientific name as per the Australian Fish Name Standard.

Table 1: New and amended Australian fish names
Current EXDOC Product Type CodeCurrent product description and
scientific name in EXDOC
New/ amended Australian Fish
Name and scientific name
SCSSaucer Scallop
Amusium balloti  
Ballot’s Saucer Scallop
Ylistrum balloti
SCMMud Scallop
Amusium species
Saucer Scallop
Amusium pleuronectes

Changes to EXDOC

Detailed in Table 2 are the most recent change made to EXDOC and the action (if any) to be taken by exporters and processing establishments preparing or exporting the products specified.

Please note: The existing code for Amusium balloti species will remain active in EXDOC for 12 months to facilitate the updating of trade descriptions applied to export packaging for this product.

Processors/exporters are responsible for ensuring that:

      • Species exported are correctly identified
      • Trade descriptions applied to the product include the Australian Fish Name and/or scientific name
      • Information included in trade descriptions is accurate and is not misleading.
Table 2: New and amended EXDOC codes
EXDOC Product Type CodeProduct description and scientific nameAction required by occupier of registered establishment preparing this product for export
Saucer Scallop
Amusium balloti  
  • Be aware that this product type and associated cut-codes can still be used but will no longer be available after 1 February 2019.
Ballot’s Saucer Scallop
Ylistrum balloti  
  • Est. preparing this product for export can request the addition of codes by e-mailing Dairy Eggs Fish a
Mud Scallop
Amusium species
Changed to:
Saucer Scallop
Amusium pleuronectes
No action is required to be taken by establishments or exporters using the SCM EXDOC Product Type Codes and associated cut-codes.
As of 1 February 2018, amended product descriptions will print on export documentation.

a Note: Additional information may be required to support the application if the product is prepared using a process that the establishment has not previously received approval for from the department.

A list of EXDOC codes and scientific names as they appear on health certificates is available at: Product codes.

Detained consignments due to a change to fish name

If a consignment is detained due to a change to fish name, contact the Dairy, Eggs and Fish Export Program at: Dairy Eggs Fish as it may be possible to provide a letter of facilitation to the importing country.


Changes to Australian Fish Names

Periodically, changes are made to the AFNS by the Fish Names Committee.

Changes can include:

  • the addition of names
  • amendment of existing names
  • changes to scientific names.

To ensure continued legislative compliance with the AFNS, we may be required to make corresponding changes to our systems for issuing export certification - the Establishment Register (ER) and EXDOC.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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