Regulating live animal exports

We regulate the live animal export industry. We ensure they meet :

  • Australian livestock export laws
  • importing country requirements

Read about Compliance and investigations.

Laws you must follow

Australian live animal export laws put animal welfare first. This is in line with International animal welfare standards.

Meeting these standards means a sustainable future for the export livestock industry.

Acts, regulations, orders and standards that apply to live animal exports.

Importing country requirements

Exporters must meet conditions set by the importing country. This may include :

  • sourcing
  • disease testing
  • vaccination
  • treatment.

We inspect live animal exports and issue an animal health certificate when appropriate. This assures importing countries the animals are safe for export.


We investigate exporters to ensure they comply with standards. We may impose compliance measures on exporters who don’t comply.

Australian courts may impose fines or jail terms.

Find out more about compliance and investigations.

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Last reviewed: 19 April 2021
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