Meat commodity export permit requirements

Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment 2021

This page outlines the export permit requirements for Australian meat and meat products and should be read in conjunction with the export legislation.

An export permit is required for prescribed goods intended for export in accordance with the Export Control Act 2020.

The primary function of an export permit is to verify that product is eligible for export to the intended destination of import. The Australian Border Force requires an export permit before issuing export clearance for prescribed goods.

Prescribed goods

Meat, offal and meat products
Game meat and meat products
Poultry meat, offal and meat products
Rabbit meat, offal and meat products
Ratite meat, offal and meat products

Preparation of goods

Product must be prepared, handled and stored in accordance with the Export Control Act 2020 and the relevant Export Control Rules. 

Additionally, product may need to be produced in compliance with specific importing country requirements. See the Manual of Importing Country Requirements.


Export Control Act 2020
Export Control (Meat and Meat Products) Rules 2021
Export Control (Poultry Meat and Poultry Meat Products) Rules 2021
Export Control (Rabbit and Ratite Meat and Rabbit and Ratite Meat Products) Rules 2021
Export Control (Wild Game Meat and Wild Game Meat Products) Rules 2021
Export Control (Organic Goods) Rules 2021
Export Control (Fees and Payments) Rules 2021
Export Control (Tariff Rate Quotas) Rules 2021

Customs Act 1901

Other relevant information

For other information relevant to meat exports, such as Australian standards for hygienic meat production and importing country requirements, see Electronic legislation, manuals and essential references.   

Application process

The exporter must be an Australian entity. The exporter must have an appropriate declaration stating that the goods to be exported have been prepared in compliance with the Export Control Act 2020 and that all importing country requirements applicable to the goods have been met, or will be met before the goods are imported into the importing country.

An application for an export permit must

  • be made in an approved format
  • be lodged within sufficient time before loading for export
  • detail all establishments involved in the preparation or storage of the goods
  • be complete and accurate in every detail
  • declare that goods comply with the Export Control Act 2020 and relevant Export Control Rules
  • declare that all information is true and correct.

Export permit

Evidence of an export permit is required by the Australian Border Force to clear goods for export from Australia.

An export permit is valid for a period of 28 days starting on the day the permit is issued.

Legal responsibility

The exporter as declared on the notice is responsible for the goods and for the correctness of the information on the application for an export permit.

Amending details

Exporters may amend information on the application prior to the permit being granted. Once the export permit has been granted, the exporter cannot amend the information. If you require amendments, contact the department.

The name of the exporter may only be changed with the consent of both parties.

Revocation of an export permit

Once an export permit has been granted, the exporter is required to notify the department if the export of the product is abandoned. The department will then revoke the export permit.

The department may revoke the export permit where there are grounds to believe that the product is no longer eligible for export.

Examples of unique products and their export permit requirements
Product Name End Use Export Permit Required
Inedible Meat and Meat Products Pharmaceutical Material

Animal Food

Inedible Meat and Meat Products Industrial Diagnostic No
Edible Animal Blood of prescribed species Human Consumption Yes
Inedible Blood & Blood Products Animal Food Yes
Inedible Blood & Blood Products Vaccinations

In-vitro Diagnostics


Wool, Skins and Hides Manufacturing No
Hide Splits Collagen


Fertilisers Fertilisers No
Meat and Bone Meal Animal Food No
Ox Gall Pharmaceutical

Animal Food

Ox Gall Industrial No
Animal Fat Human Consumption Yes
Refined Tallow Any use No
Refined Animal Fat Any use No

Please note that this list is not comprehensive and is only intended as a guide.

Under the new Export Control Act 2020, animal food and pharmaceutical goods are not prescribed goods. This means they no longer require export permits. For more information, see IAN 2021-04.

Last reviewed: 27 March 2021
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