Export listed establishments for non-prescribed goods

Your importing country may require you to be export listed with us. This depends on what you produce and where you are sending your goods.

Importing country requirements

Goods that you may have to source from an export listed establishment include:

  • blood products
  • leather products
  • dried pet food products
  • rendered animal products
  • skin or hide products.

This varies depending on the importing country.

Before you export or supply goods for export:

To export goods that you produce, read our advice for exporters of non-prescribed goods.

Become export listed

To become export listed, you must:

We may conduct an audit of your establishment to confirm details.

We will approve your application, if you have met all importing country requirements.

Documented systems

You may be required to have documented systems in place to be export listed.

What to include

Your documented system should include:

  • policy documents
  • procedures and manuals.

You must detail export requirements for your non-prescribed goods and how you will meet them. This includes:

  • government certification (controlled and accountable, true and correct information)
  • importing country requirements (what they are, how the product meets them)
  • labelling and packaging (appropriate packaging, dual language trade description)
  • product processing specifications (raw material standards, time-temperature parameters)
  • public and animal health (food safety, animal disease)
  • records management
  • sourcing, traceability and recall.

Audit and approval

Some importing countries may require an audit to be undertaken before you are listed. This may include:

  • off-site assessment (not at your establishment)
  • on-site audit of your procedures and practices, to confirm that you can meet the importing country requirements.

For some goods, an authorised industry body can review your ability to meet importing country requirements:

For all goods, we can deal directly with you. Contact the Non-prescribed goods team.

If you can demonstrate that you meet importing country requirements, you will then become export listed. We will send you a certificate with your export listing information.

Ongoing audits

Audit requirements, if any, for your export listed establishment are set by the importing country.

You may be routinely audited by us or a nominated party. We will check that you are complying with importing country requirements.

Find out more about our audits of establishments producing non-prescribed goods for export.

Transfer certificate

Some importing countries require traceability of goods at each point in the supply chain.

You can use a transfer certificate to prove your goods were only sent between export listed establishments. This does not apply if you are sending products straight to a wharf or airport.

Last reviewed: 1 December 2020
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