2014-30 - Grain and Seed Exports Program - Updates to hay and straw reference material

​​​25 September 2014


To inform industry of updates to the Plant Export Operations Manual (PEOM) Volume 8A and Work Instruction HAS3001 for hay and straw products.

Key points

1. The department has been working closely with the Australian Fodder Industry Association to identify opportunities for streamlining export inspection and certification processes while maintaining phytosanitary standards. The guidelines and work instruction have been revised to reflect these changes and at the same time, reflect changes to legislation.

2. A summary of changes are:

  • Annual Ryegrass Toxicity (ARGT) test results only need to be presented to the department at the registered establishment audit, not at the time of export
  • Introduction of four sampling and inspection categories
  • Creation of three attachments in the work instruction: bales, loose material and bagged chaff
  • Empty container approval valid for 90 days.
  • Ability for export compliance of product and empty container approval to be extended beyond 28 days and 90 days respectively under exceptional circumstances

3. The following instructional material will come into effect on 29 September 2014:

  • PEOM Volume 8A Commodity Inspections - Hay and straw v4.0
  • Work Instruction HAS3001 Inspection and certification of hay and straw v4.0
  • Standard for minimising the risk of corynetoxin of hay and straw v2.0 (rebranding of the Department and reformatting only, no content has been altered)
  • PE100 Export Compliance Record v2.0
  • PE104 Container Approval Record v2.0
  • Plant Exports User Guide for Compliance, Approval and Running Record v2.3
  • Empty Container Sticker Stencil v2.0

4. From 27 October 2014 Authorised Officer candidates will be assessed against the above resources.

To view the instructional material, please refer to the department's website.

Exporter’s Responsibilities

ARGT test results

Exporters no longer need to present ARGT test result with each consignment for export. Test results must be kept for all consignments and provided to the auditor during the registered establishment audit.

Sampling and Inspecting

Exporters must inform the inspecting authorised officer which of the four categories the consignment is to be inspected under.

Authorised Officer Responsibilities

Authorised Officers are to ensure they are familiar and comply with PEOM Volume 8A Commodity Inspections - Hay and straw and Work Instruction HAS3001 Inspection of hay and straw.

Authorised Officers are to complete Export Compliance Records in line with the Plant Expor​ts User Guide. The updated records must be used for all inspections from 29 September 2014.

If you have any further enquiries, please contact the Grain and Seed Exports Program on (02) 6272 3229 or Grain Export or contact the Authorised Officer Hotline 1800 851 305.


Kylie Calhoun
Assistant Secretary
Plant Export Operations

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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