Quota calendar

This calendar highlights the key dates for Australian producers wishing to export under the quota system regulated by the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

MonthEU HQB and grain-fed beefEU sheepmeat, goatmeat and erga omnesUS beefAll Japan quotasDairy: US and EU quotas
January-1/1—Quota year commences1/1—Quota year commences-1/1—Quota year commences
February15/2—FCFS applications
16/2—Use it or lose it
March---10/3—Applications accepted for new quota year
31/3—Quota year finishes
April---1/4—Quota year commences-
May16/5—Applications for annual allocation----
June30/6—HQB/grain-fed beef quota year finishes--10/6—Bovine offal 2nd quarter opens15/6—Use it or lose it
July1/7—HQB/grain-fed beef quota year commences----
September---10/9—Bovine offal 3rd quarter opens-
October-31/10—Use it or lose it1/10—Trigger point-1/10—USA WTO application for annual allocation
12/10—EU or USFTA application for annual allocation
November-7/11—performance transfer cut off---
December-31/12—Quota year finishes31/12—Quota year finishes 10/12—Bovine offal 4th quarter opens31/12—Quota year finishes
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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