Dairy quota codes: EU and US

​​These codes are to be used by exporters for dairy products within the quota system regulated by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

(Updated 1 January 2019)

These codes are to be used whenever the quota indicator is set to ‘Y’.

EU quotas

Where an approval is required for an IMA1 certificate.

Cheddar cheeseE19W
Cheese for processingP19W

US WTO quotas

Where an exporter requires an approval to export against Australia’s Country-Specific Quota (either Historical or Supplementary Quota).

Cheddar cheeseC19W
Granular cheeseG19W
NSPF cheeseN19W
Swiss cheeseS19W

US FTA quotas

Where a quota certificate is required for in quota tariff rate entry.

American cheeseA19F
Condensed milkD19F
Cheddar cheeseH19F
Ice creamI19F
Other dairy category BJ19F
Skim milk powderK19F
Other dairy category AL19F
Milk and creamM19F
Other cheeseO19F
Swiss cheeseT19F
European cheeseU19F
Goya cheeseZ19F

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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