First-come, first-served quota available for US FTA, EU WTO and US WTO quotas

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​(As at 17 June 2019)

These tables show the current amount of first-come, first-served (FCFS) quota available for the US FTA, EU WTO, and US WTO dairy quotas administered by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

US FTA quotas

US FTA category2019 Amount (kg)
Condensed milk6,783,000
Skim milk powder13,000
Other milk powder6,427,000
Other dairy products2,719,215
Cheddar cheese0
American cheese756,000
Swiss cheese990,000
European cheese3,820,365
Ice cream8,478,500
Goya cheese4,950,000
Other cheese5,976,610

EU WTO quotas

EU WTO category201​9 Amount (kg)
Table cheddar3,711,000
Bulk cheese for processing500,000

US WTO quotas

US WTO category2019 Amount (kg)
Cheddar cheese645,501
American (or granular) cheese119,002
Swiss cheese290,302
Other cheese (NSPF)2,508,830

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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