Indonesian feed grains quota

The Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA) entered into force on 5 July 2020. The agreement put in place reduced tariffs for exports of feed grains.

Eligible feed grains under IA-CEPA are:

  • wheat and meslin (not fit for human consumption)
  • barley (other than seed)
  • grain sorghum (other than seed)

The amount of feed grain quota available for year two (2021) is 525,250 tonnes.

Key dates

The quota year runs in line with the calendar year.

  • 1 January—New quota year commences
  • 1 May—Quota access cap lifted
  • 1 November—Reservation applications open
  • 31 December—Quota year ends

Current quota usage

The quota usage tables show the total quantity of quota used by Australia for IA-CEPA products. The tables are updated regularly.

Check out the current quota usage for Indonesia feed grains.

How to apply for a reservation

Exporters can apply for a reservation by:

The Quota Unit assesses completed applications in order of submission.

Initially, exporters can apply for up to 150,000 tonnes per year.

An exporter must submit a valid contract when they apply. This contract must:

  • include the full name and address of the exporter and importer
  • be signed by both parties
  • include a unique identifier/contract reference
  • specify the commodity
  • specify the total weight and number of consignments
  • specify the date range within which the applications for tariff rate quota certificates will be made (a maximum date range will be set at two months).

The Quota Unit will notify exporters of the outcome of their application.

How to change a reservation

Feed grain reservations can be:

  • varied
  • cancelled

An exporter can request their reservation be varied for:

  • a decrease in weight (the difference will be returned)
  • an increase in weight (if there is uncommitted quota available)

Exporters must notify the Quota Unit if a contract is cancelled. If notification is received that a contract is cancelled the reservation will be cancelled and the quota will be returned. Exporters cannot apply for another reservation for 4 weeks, unless at least 75% of the reservation has been used. If there is quota remaining after completing a contract, that volume can be returned.

An exporter can vary or cancel a reservation by:

Lapsing reservations

If an exporter has not used their reserved volume after the final day specified in the contract, the Quota Unit will cancel the reservation for the lapsed amount.

Exporters cannot apply for another reservation for 4 weeks.

If an exporter doesn’t use any of their quota reservation for a contract they will not be able to apply for another reservation until 1 May of the next quota year.

Exporters should make sure to vary or cancel any reservation to avoid an exclusion.

How to apply for a quota certificate

Once an exporter has a valid reservation they can then apply for a quota certificate.

To apply for a quota certificate exporters must:

Once the Quota Unit has approved the application, a quota certificate will be emailed to the address provided on the application form.

Note: Quota administration is cost recovered on a per certificate basis in accordance with the Export Charges (Imposition-General) Regulation 2021 and the Export Control (Fees and Payments) Rules 2021. Exporters are invoiced monthly for any quota certificates issued. The current cost recovered amount is $81 per certificate issued.

Changing or cancelling your certificate

IA-CEPA quota certificates cannot be amended so if there is a change to the exporter, importer or quantity of the shipment after the certificate has been issued the existing certificate may need to be cancelled and a replacement certificate issued. Contact Quota Admin if there is a change to any details on the certificate.

Read the detail

See Appendix 2-A.1: Tariff rate quotas of the IA-CEPA for:

  • a list of eligible products
  • the quantity for each year of the quota
  • the in-quota tariff rate

The Export Control (Tariff Rate Quotas - Feed Grain Export to Indonesia) Rules 2021 govern the rules around the quota for feed grains to Indonesia.

Read about IA-CEPA’s broader outcomes.

Data collection

The Quota Unit reports on export quotas using data submitted for certificate applications.

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