Total volume of JAEPA quota to 2024

​​This table outlines the total quota tonnage available by commodity each quota year for Australian exporters under the Japan–Australia Economic Partnership Agreement (JAEPA).

PeriodQuota yearEdible bovine offalPreserved meats 1Preserved meats 2PorkPoultryHoneyApple juiceOrange juice
15/1/15–31/3/1512,833 tonnes183 tonnes883 tonne 933 tonnes7 tonnes13 tonnes267 tonnes217 tonnes
1/4/15–31/3/16 2 17,400 tonnes1,420 tonnes5,600 tonnes7,280 tonnes56 tonnes88 tonnesIn perpetuity: 1,600 tonnesIn perpetuity: 1,300 tonnes
1/4/16–31/3/17317,800 tonnes1,740 tonnes5,900 tonnes8,960 tonnes72 tonnes96 tonnes
1/4/17–31/3/18418,200 tonnes2,060 tonnes6,200 tonnes10,640 tonnes88 tonnes104 tonnes
1/4/18–31/3/195 18,600 tonnes2,380 tonnes6,500 tonnes12,320 tonnes104 tonnes112 tonnes
1/4/19–31/3/20619,000 tonnesIn perpetuity: 2,700 tonnes6,800 tonnesIn perpetuity: 14,000 tonnes120 tonnes120 tonnes
1/4/20–31/3/21719,400 tonnes7,100 tonnes136 tonnes128 tonnes
1/4/21–31/3/228 19,800 tonnes 7,400 tonnes 152 tonnes 136 tonnes
1/4/22–31/3/239 20,200 tonnes 7,700 tonnes 168 tonnes 144 tonnes
1/4/23–31/3/2410 20,600 tonnes 8,000 tonnes 184 tonnes 152 tonnes
From 1/4/2411In perpetuity: 21,000 tonnes In perpetuity: 8,300 tonnes In perpetuity: 200 tonnes In perpetuity: 160 tonnes

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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