Indonesian vegetable quotas

The Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA) entered into force on 5 July 2020. The agreement put in place reduced tariffs for exports of vegetables.

Quotas under the IA-CEPA cover:

  • carrots
  • potatoes

As entry into force occurred part way through the 2020 quota year, the tariff rate quota amounts for 2020 are pro-rata. The agreed pro-rata amounts are:

  • carrots - 2,445.35 tonnes
  • potatoes - 4,890.71 tonnes

For 2021 the amounts are:

  • carrots – 5,000 tonnes
  • potatoes – 10,000 tonnes

Key dates

The quota year runs in line with the calendar year.

  • 1 January—New quota year commences
  • 31 August—Deadline for reclaim and apply for reallocation
  • 18 November—Deadline for annual quota allocation application
  • 31 December—Quota year ends

Current quota usage

The quota usage tables show the total quantity of quota shipped by Australia for IA-CEPA products. The tables are updated regularly.

Check out the current quota usage for Indonesia vegetables.

How to apply for an entitlement

Exporters will need to apply for a quota allocation to export vegetables to Indonesia at the reduced tariff rate.

You can apply for an entitlement allocation from 4 November 2020 by:

The application period will close on 18 November 2020. No applications will be accepted after this date.

Quota entitlements will be calculated based on your past shipping history. Once calculated we will notify you of your quota entitlement allocation for the quota year.

How to apply for a certificate

To apply for a quota certificate you must:

Once we approve the application, we will email you the quota certificate.

Please note that quota administration is cost recovered on a per certificate basis in accordance with the Export Charges (Imposition-General) Regulation 2015 and the Export Control (Fees) Order 2015. Exporters are invoiced monthly for any quota certificates issued.

Changing or cancelling your certificate

Contact Quota Admin if your quota certificate needs to be:

  • changed (you will need to submit a new application form if there is a change to the exporter, importer, product type or quantity of product)
  • cancelled.

How to transfer or return your quota

Vegetable entitlements can be:

  • transferred
  • returned at any point in the quota year.

You can transfer or return your entitlement by:

Reclaiming and reallocating quotas

Each August, you can apply to return, retain or request additional entitlements. Note, as the 2020 quota year commenced on 5 July the reclaim and reallocation processes will not be conducted for the 2020 quota year.

2020 quota entitlement holders

These listings of current quota entitlement holders can be used to check which exporters hold quota, should another exporter wish to approach them for a transfer.

Carrot entitlement holders list

  • Center West Exports
  • CrozAsia Pty Ltd
  • Forth Farm Produce Pty Ltd
  • North East Equity Pty Ltd t/a Sumich
  • Premium Fresh Tasmania Pty Ltd
  • Patane Produce
  • United Exports Pty Ltd
  • Scott Moffatt & Co

Potato entitlement holders list

  • Center West Exports
  • Pemberton Fresh Pty Ltd
  • CrozAsia Pty Ltd
  • North East Equity Pty Ltd t/a Sumich
  • Patane Produce
  • Zerella Fresh (Zerella Holdings)
  • Produce Exchange Australia Pty Ltd

Read the detail

See Appendix 2-A.1: Tariff rate quotas of the IA-CEPA for:

  • a list of eligible products
  • the quantity for each year
  • the in-quota tariff rate.

The Export Control (Tariff Rate Quotas) Order 2019 governs the rules around quotas for vegetables.

Read about the IA-CEPA’s broader outcomes.

Data collection

We report on export quotas using data submitted for quota entitlements and certificate applications.

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