AIMS Account Client

The Departmental charging guidelines 2020 outlines that the department may request payment of initial assessment and inspection fees for import declarations upfront, when the full cost of the service can be determined prior to its delivery.

When upfront payment is required and has not been made, payment will be requested and assessment of import declarations will not occur until payment is received.

The department exempts clients who are approved AIMS Account Clients from the requirement to make upfront payments for assessment of import declarations.

The benefits of becoming an account client include streamlined billing and the ability for your company to receive services from the department without having to pay the initial service fees upfront.

Criteria for becoming an approved AIMS Account Client

Clients who wish to become an AIMS Account Client must comply with the following criteria:

  • Companies must lodge on average more than 500 entries that require departmental clearance per year.
  • The company (including all associated companies) must not have overdue debt greater than $1,000 at the time of the request.
  • The company (including all associated companies) must have an exemplary payment history with the department over the last 12 months.

Applying to become an AIMS Account Client:

If you believe that your company meets the criteria described above and you wish to apply to become an AIMS Account Client please forward the following details to Accounts receivable helpdesk:

  • Your company’s  account number (e.g. AQ/COM ######)
    • If your company has multiple account numbers, please ensure they are all provided.
  • Contact details for the primary account manager within your company who is responsible for payment of Department of Agriculture and Water Resources invoices.

Your application will be assessed against the above criteria and you will receive a response providing approval or conditions that must be met prior to reapplying.

Client Responsibilities

If approved as an AIMS Account Client, companies must ensure that amounts owing to the department are paid when due.
Please be advised that the financial status of AIMS Account Clients are monitored, should the balance of your account become unacceptable to the department your approval as an AIMS Account Client may be revoked.  

Further information

Please contact Accounts receivable helpdesk if you have any questions about becoming an Account Client.

Last reviewed: 10 January 2020
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