Australian forestry: benefitting our communities

Australia’s forestry industry supports our economy and our people. Particularly regional communities.


Social and Economic Benefits (transcript) DOCX [25 KB]

The forestry industry

The forestry industry is a significant employer in rural and regional Australia. The industry directly employs about 52,000 people, who are involved in the growing and processing of forest products. Tens of thousands more Australians work in jobs that are indirectly supported by our forest industries

In regional areas particularly, Australia’s competitive, sustainable and renewable forests are a key contributor to the community, including by:

  • providing jobs
  • providing recreation opportunities, including tracks and trails
  • building regional communities through schools, sports, etc.

Benefits of forests

Australia’s forests also provide us with places for recreation and tourism. We go to forests to:

  • bush walk
  • ride our bikes
  • picnic
  • walk our dogs
  • horse ride
  • four-wheel drive.

In fact, an average 4.2 million people visit major forested tourism regions for bush walking each year.

As our population continues to grow, so will our demand for wood products and our desire to use forests to relax and unwind.

Australian Forestry. Planning for tomorrow, today.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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