Replanting and regrowing for the future

Australia has a well-established forest management framework, guided by a National Forest Policy Statement and including policy and legislative instruments and codes of forest practice. This framework supports the sustainable management of our forests.


Replanting and regrowing (transcript) DOCX [25 KB]

Forestry cycle

Australian forestry strikes a balance – protecting our forests through sustainable management for future generations, while also providing many other benefits including the wood products we use every day. The forestry cycle and sustainable management includes:

  • extensive research and comprehensive planning
  • caring for Australia’s unique plants and animals
  • replanting and regeneration of trees
  • the use of wood products
  • continual improvement in the management of our forests.

Once harvesting is complete, forests are replanted and regenerated. For instance, the Australian forestry industry replants around 70 million plantation trees each year. The industry also sustainably manages our native forests, with only 0.06 per cent of publicly managed forest harvested annually out of the total area of native forest, which is then regenerated.

Australian Forestry. Planning for tomorrow, today.

Did you know?

  • The Australian government has an ambitious target with the forestry industry, to plant an extra billion new trees by 2030.
  • Australia’s forestry industry is renewable and sustainable.
  • There is 134 million hectares of forest in Australia.
  • Around 15 per cent or 6.3 million hectares of publicly managed native forests is available and suitable for harvesting.
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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