Wood – the ultimate renewable

Australian forests, and the wood they produce, are an amazing and versatile resource.


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Wood’s versatility

Australia’s forests are valued for their diverse ecosystems and unique biodiversity, for their ability to regenerate and regrow and sequester carbon, for their provision of wood products and for their aesthetic value and recreational opportunities.

Forests provide us with things we use every day, including:

  • newspapers and magazines
  • tea and coffee bags
  • paper towels, tissues and
  • furniture and timber for our houses.

Trees also have the incredible ability to:

  • produce oxygen that we breathe,
  • regenerate and regrow,
  • absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere,
  • store carbon when used in buildings, furniture or other long-lasting wood products.

There are human health benefits associated with using and seeing wood or wood products. Wood gives us a connection to nature. It makes us feel happier and more relaxed.

Trees regenerate.  Trees are a sustainable, renewable resource for future generations when carefully managed.

Wood really is the ultimate renewable. A sophisticated alternative to other materials that use more carbon in their production.

So when you use your next tea bag, buy the newspaper, pour milk from a carton, or sit at a wooden table, think about the miracle material that surrounds you. Wood.

Australian Forestry. Planning for tomorrow, today.

Did you know?

  • Australia’s native and plantation forests store around 22 billion tonnes of carbon.
  • The forestry industry in Australia is sustainable, making wood the ultimate renewable product.
  • Australia has around 134 million hectares of forest that clean our air and supply our wood.
  • Wood products connect us to nature, making us feel happier and more relaxed.
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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