Approved aquarium chemicals, treatments and antibiotics

Suitable for use within Class 7.1 Approved Arrangement Sites (AA Sites) during the mandatory isolation period for ornamental finfish.


  • The use of antibacterial treatments on goldfish (Carassius auratus) is prohibited unless the department has provided specific written approval.
  • The list below can be taken as a pre-approval to use chemicals, treatment and antibiotics during ornamental fish post-entry isolation . Importers and AA Site Operators must also abide by all State/Territory regulations in the use of such substances.
  • If a substance is not on the list, the department must provide specific written approval before it can be used and the department may require diagnostic testing prior to approval being provided.
  • Persons responsible for the care of the ornamental finfish during the mandatory isolation period must ensure;
    • the use of any aquarium chemicals, treatments or antibiotics is in accordance with the manufacturer’s/label directions.
      • The use/administration of any products in contradiction to the manufacturer’s/label directions must be supported by veterinary prescription.
  • the facility has an aquatic animal health management plan that includes recognised aquatic animal husbandry practices and appropriate training for individuals tasked with caring for the animals.

Requests for aquarium chemical, treatment or antibiotic approval can be emailed to the Animal and Biological Import Assessments Branch.

Aquarium Chemical / Treatment / Antibiotic

Acriflavine (Acrifilavin - Euflavine) (not approved for use on goldfish)

Magnesium sulphate

Amoxycilin/Amoxicillin (not approved for use on goldfish)

Malachite Green (aka Victoria Green, Aniline Green)

Aquasonic Ichonex (Copper sulphate and Malachite Green)

Methylene Blue

Aquasonic Oodonex (Copper sulphate)

Monosodium Phosphate

Aquasonic Paragone (Trichlorophon, sodium chloride, magnesium stearate)

Multicure (Malachite Green, Methylene Blue and Acriflavine) (not approved for use on goldfish)

Bactonex (Methylene blue, Aminacrine hydrochloride)

Parasite guard (Praziquantel, Diflubenzuron, Metronidazole, Acriflavine) (not approved for use on goldfish)

Blackwater Extract (water conditioner)

Potassium Permanganate

Baytril Tablets 50 (Enrofloxacin) (not approved for use on goldfish)


Calcium carbonate

Quinine Sulphate


Rift Lake Conditioning Salts

Copper, copper sulphate, copper salts

Seachem Cupramine Copper (Copper sulphate)

De-Los (Dylox treatment)

Sodium Bi-carbonate


Sodium chloride/Sea salt

Dipterex (Trichlorfon)

Sodium hypochlorite (bleach)

Doxycycline (not approved for use on goldfish)

Spectovet (Lincomycin Hydrochloride and Spectocmycin sulphate) (not approved for use on goldfish)

Enrofloxacin (not approved for use on goldfish)

Tea Tree Oil (sometimes known as Melafix)


Terramycin (Oxytetracycline hydrochloride) (not approved for use on goldfish)


Tetracycline (not approved for use on goldfish)



Hydrogen Peroxide

Triple Sulpha (Sodium sulfathiazole, Sodium sulfamethazine, and Sodium sulfacetamide) (not approved for use on goldfish)

Ick guard (Malachite Green, Acriflavine) (not approved for use on goldfish)

Conditioning salts


White Spot Remedy (Formaldehyde, Malachite Green)

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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