91-2017 – Brown Marmorated Stink Bug risk season 2017-18

3 October 2017

Who does this notice affect?

This notice is of interest to clients operating an Approved Arrangement (AA) site that receives specific goods from the United States or Italy during the highest risk period for Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB), from 1 September 2017 to 30 April 2018 inclusive.

What has changed?

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has implemented additional measures every year since 2014 to manage the seasonal risk of BMSB infestations in sea cargo arriving at Australian ports.

While the measures previously applied to at-risk goods from the United States, the spread of this pest has resulted in the measures being extended this season to similar goods from Italy, and other European ports if the goods were manufactured or stored in Italy during the risk period.  New and used vehicles, vessels, machinery and large machinery parts are the primary pathway for these goods at this stage.  The department is also monitoring imports from other European countries where BMSB is known to be established.

AA operators and staff are asked to be extra vigilant for the presence of these insects when unpacking goods from the Northern Hemisphere during the BMSB risk season.  The season coincides with the period when the insects actively seeking shelter from winter conditions in homes, buildings, vehicles, machinery, often in large numbers.

AA operators and staff are also asked to pay extra attention when unpacking consignments of the following commodities:

  • Kiwi fruit originating from Italy
  • Unaccompanied personal effects from the US and Europe.

Particular care should be paid when deconsolidating goods to locations where BMSB may congregate, including crevices or protected areas of shipping containers, on or inside the target goods, or within packaging material for these goods. If the insects are detected AA operators should follow normal procedures to secure the goods to limit any movement of the insects and notify the department immediately of the detection.

If you see something that could have entered Australia with imported goods report it to See. Secure. Report. line on 1800 798 636 or complete the online form.

Further information

For further information on the 2017-18 measures, please see the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug web page or contact Air and Sea Cargo.
Any changes to the 2017-18 measures will be published in industry advice notices and via social media. To receive advice of changes, go to Subscription centre to request an email when a new industry notice is issued, or go to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources’ twitter account, @DeptAgNews.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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