211-2019 - Changes to biosecurity cost recovery

11 December 2019

Who does this notice effect?

Customs brokers and importers of consignments over $1000.

Vessel operators or their agent.

Key points

  • The Australian Government has decided to expand the types of biosecurity activities that are cost recovered.
  • The department has published an update to the Biosecurity Cost Recovery Implementation Statement.
  • The new charges will start 1 January 2020. Your normal billing and invoicing arrangements will reflect this change.

What has changed?

The government has decided to expand the types of biosecurity activities to be cost recovered under the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines. This includes biosecurity assurance, analytics and risk mitigation activities. These are critical to managing the risks posed by goods and vessels coming into the country.

The government’s decision includes increasing the following charges:

  • Full Import Declaration charge—air from $33 to $38.
  • Full Import Declaration charge—sea from $42 to $49.
  • Vessels greater than or equal to 25 metres—arrival charge from $920 to $1054.
  • Vessels less than 25 metres—arrival charge from $100 to $120.

Industry engagement

The department will engage with industry stakeholders, including through established consultative forums such as the Department’s Cargo Consultative Committee (DCCC), to ensure a consistent understanding of the changes and how they will be implemented.

The department will undertake a comprehensive review of biosecurity cost recovery arrangements next year. Industry will be consulted as part of this review.

Further information

More information, including the updated Biosecurity Cost Recovery Implementation Statement, is available at: agriculture.gov.au/fees/cost-recovery/biosecurity-cris or by emailing Cost Recovery.

Last reviewed: 11 December 2019
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