225-2019 - Port of Darwin no longer a first point of entry for non-commercial vessels

24 December 2019

The information in this Notice has been superseded by IAN 106-2020

Who does this notice affect?

Yacht operators and their agents.

What has changed?

A new first point of entry (FPOE) determination for the Port of Darwin commenced on 16 December 2019. The determination is available at www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2019L01560.

Non-commercial vessels subject to biosecurity control (i.e. international yachts) are no longer permitted to arrive at Port of Darwin without prior written permission from the department. 

Yacht operators who intend to arrive at Darwin should contact the department to obtain a manual application form at ntcargo@agriculture.gov.au.

Further information

Please see the department’s website for further information about FPOE and non-first points of entry:

For additional information please contact biosecurityfirstpoints@agriculture.gov.au.

Last reviewed: 3 July 2020
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