12. Urnisa guttulosa (nymph)

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Graphic: photo of 4th stage Urnisa guttulosa nymph.


Graphic: Distribution map - found in red sandy country across Australia.

Nymph Description: Colour is yellow, orange to red and very finely mottled. Lighter colour in early instars but same as the adult in later ones. The body is very broad and flattened in early instars with the rear of the thorax nearly twice as wide as the head from above. A single stripe on the large flattened femur of the early instars is replaced by the two stripes of the adult in later ones. There is a dark spot on the second wing bud which develops a white forward edge in later instars. Antennae medium length, about as long as the height of the head, light in early instars and grey in later ones. Found only in red sandy country of the inland.

Confusion with Australian plague locust: Similar size but the orange-red colour is an obvious difference. Compare photo with Australian plague locust nymph.

Confusion with PeakesiaBoth are salt and pepper mottled and fairly stocky. However, Urnisa is more broad and flattened, orange to red, and has medium length light to grey antennae rather than the very short and dark antennae of Peakesia.

Unique features: A very broad and flattened body with orange to red mottled colour, a dark spot on the second wing bud and a distribution restricted to red sandy country.

Further information on this species: Description of adult

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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