Environment and Invasives Committee meeting 2

14 August 2018

The Environment and Invasives Committee (the Committee) held its second face-to-face meeting on 14 August 2018 in Perth, Western Australia.

The Committee reviewed its committee structure and agreed governance arrangements for its current sub-groups. The Committee also agreed to a Terms of Reference (ToR) and membership for its new Environmental Biosecurity Advisory Group. The group will be discussed at the next Environmental Biosecurity Roundtable which is being held in Brisbane on 9 October 2018.

The Committee considered and endorsed the Centre for Invasives Species Solutions’ (CISS) proposal to coordinate implementation of the National Environment and Community Biosecurity RD&E Strategy 2016-2019. National Biosecurity Committee approval will now be sought.

The Committee will be responsible for monitoring, reviewing and evaluating implementation of the national plan, with Plant Health Committee contributing to relevant aspects. The Committee noted that the National Invasive Ant Biosecurity Plan will be released for public comment subject to approval from the Threatened Species Scientific Committee.

The Committee agreed arrangements for hosting future Australasian Vertebrate Pest Conferences, including approaching Invasive Animals Limited (IAL) to take on the responsibilities of running the conference.

The Committee reconfirmed its commitment to the development of national wild dog metrics and provision of annual wild dog metrics reporting by all state and territory governments. This national wild dog metrics reporting will assist the monitoring of current wild dog management intervention measures and their effectiveness in reducing wild dog numbers and impacts.

The Committee was also briefed on the development of the National Carp Control Plan and discussed its position on the NEBRA five year review recommendations.

At its strategic workshop on 15 August 2018, the Committee was provided with an overview of the proposed role for the Chief Environmental Biosecurity Officer. It discussed how it could work with the Officer, once established, and agreed to seek endorsement for its proposal from the National Biosecurity Committee.

The Committee agreed its next meeting would be held in early 2019, with dates and location to be confirmed.

For any questions or suggestions regarding this communique, please email the EIC Secretariat at EIC.

The Environment and Invasives Committee is responsible for providing national policy leadership on the identification, prevention and management of invasive plant, vertebrate and invertebrate species that adversely impact the environment, economy and community.

The Committee provides a national mechanism for identification and resolution of national priorities on freshwater aquatic and terrestrial invasive species and any other species where there is an environmental or community biosecurity impact where it is found not to be the responsibility of any other sectoral committee.

For further information on the Environment and Invasives Committee, you can visit the Committee’s website, hosted by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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