National action plans for priority plant pests

Priority plant pests

The National Priority Plant Pests, identified by Plant Health Committee, highlight the sort of threats Australia faces from plant pests. While they are not the only plant pests of biosecurity concerns, they are used to focus government effort and national preparedness capability. These pests have the potential to cause significant damage to our plant industries, our environment and our way of life, and it is in the national interest to be prepared.

Our approach

National action plans for National Priority Plant Pests set out how we will prepare for these threats. They identify the capabilities to improve the way we prevent these pests from entering Australia, and to detect and respond to incursions if these pests were to enter Australia.

Responsibility for oversight of the national action plans, and monitoring implementation of actions lies with the relevant sectoral committee under the National Biosecurity Committee.

The national action plans are living documents, and will be regularly reviewed. Additional plans are being developed and will be made available when finalised and endorsed.

National Priority Plant Pests and national action plans are a national resource to focus investment and effort.

National action plans

Exotic invasive ants

The National Invasive Ant Biosecurity Plan 2018-2028 (Department of the Environment and Energy website) provides a nationally agreed approach to enhance Australia’s capacity to manage the ongoing threat of invasive ants establishing in Australia and the impacts caused by those species already established.

The Environment and Invasives Committee is responsible for this national action plan.

Xylella and exotic vectors

The National Xylella Action Plan 2019-2029 provides a nationally agreed approach to enhance Australia’s capacity to prevent the introduction of Xylella and exotic vectors and prepare for a response, should it be detected in Australia, and sets out how the actions to achieve this outcome.

The Plant Health Committee is responsible for this national action plan.


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Last reviewed: 21 May 2021
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