Biosecurity videos and audio

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The six short biosecurity videos o​n this page focus on the practical steps that you can take to reduce the biosecurity risk to your property. There are six videos (or audio versions) covering:

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On-farm Biosecurity

‘Biosecurity’ is protecting the economy, environment and people’s health from pests and disease. It includes trying to prevent new pests and diseases from arriving, and helping to control outbreaks when they do occur. Having good biosecurity measures in place is the key to avoiding pest and disease incursions on your property.


Animal Biosecurity

Biosecurity is relevant to everyone who owns or works with animals. This is not limited to livestock and poultry, in fact simple biosecurity measures can protect your pet bird, dog or other family pet from pests and disease. Biosecurity can also protect you. Some animal diseases are 'zoonotic' - which means they can also affect humans.


Plant Biosecurity

Biosecurity applies to everyone, whether you work in a plant industry or simply just have an interest in gardening.


Small Farm Biosecurity

Biosecurity is not limited to large-scale growers or producers. People on small rural landholdings (including hobby farms) need to be play their part in preventing the outbreak and spread of animal and plant pests and diseases.


Equipment Biosecurity

Soil, organic material, mucus, saliva and manure can carry disease and weed seeds, all of which can easily be spread on clothing, equipment and vehicles. It is important that the equipment you use, as well as your clothing, is clean before moving between properties. An item must be cleaned thoroughly before it can be satisfactorily disinfected.


Biosecurity for Travelling Farm Workers

The production of crops to supply domestic and overseas markets is important to Australia and vital to our economy. For this reason it is crucial that Australia’s plants and crops remain free of weeds, pests and diseases.

Weed seeds, plant pests and diseases are not always noticeable and people can move them between properties without knowing. People travelling around Australia and working on many different farms need to be aware of this and take a few simple precautions to prevent spreading pests and diseases.


If you cannot access the biosecurity videos or audio on this page and would like them sent to you as a DVD, please email us with your name and postal address.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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