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People, animals and items travelling into the country are subject to requirements, which extend to mailing items to Australia and online purchases.

Before you submit an inquiry about whether you can bring or mail your item to Australia, let us help you find the information you are looking for with a few questions.

Do you wish to bring a pet animal to Australia?

You can bring your pets to Australia if you meet certain conditions. You need to prepare well in advance.

See Bringing cats and dogs (and other pets) to Australia.

Do you wish to bring or mail something you can eat or drink to Australia?

You can bring or mail some food, drinks and dietary supplements into Australia for personal use.

See Bringing or mailing goods to Australia.

Do you wish to bring or mail one of the following to Australia?

Cosmetics, fishing/camping/sporting equipment, souvenirs or items made from:

  • wood
  • leather
  • fur
  • feathers
  • teeth
  • bones
  • shells
  • sand
  • stone
  • seeds

These items need to be declared – either on your Incoming Passenger Card as you come into Australia or on the customs declaration form if you are mailing the item.

See Bringing or mailing goods to Australia.

Do you wish to bring alcohol, tobacco products, currency, prescription medicines, weapons or samples for commercial/business use?

These items are controlled by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Please contact the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

You can use the department's Biosecurity Import Conditions System (BICON) to assist in answering your query. You will need to know the name of the item you wish to import, the country you are bringing/mailing it from and how the item will be used. You can also check Arriving in Australia for further information.

If you have looked at the Biosecurity Import Conditions System (BICON) and still have a question, please submit an inquiry.


Due to the many inquiries the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment receives, a response to the inquiry you are about to submit may take up to 10 days.


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