Exhibitions, sporting, cultural and other events

​If you are staging or participating in an event where you need to bring equipment to Australia on a temporary basis, then you need to organise clearance with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (the department) and the Department of Home Affairs.

Examples of events that commonly have temporary imports that require referral to the department for clearance include:

  • sporting events
  • exhibitions
  • cultural events
  • trade shows
  • concerts
  • circuses
  • military activities.

Bringing equipment to Australia

To make your entry into Australia as smooth as possible, check the import conditions for the goods being imported early in your planning process, notify the department as soon as the dates of the event are confirmed, and ensure your goods are thoroughly cleaned before bringing them to Australia. Due to the quantity of goods, location of events and timeframes involved, planning with the department is often required for biosecurity clearance.

Under temporary imports and events, you'll find specific information about:

  • how to organise the clearance of temporarily imported goods
  • who to contact in the department to notify of an event
  • what information to supply to the department
  • fees and charges that may apply to the clearance of your goods.

Cultural and seasonal events

During certain cultural and seasonal events, the number of goods confiscated by the department increases.

Some of these events are:

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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