Australia's plantations 2016

​​​​​​Publication date: 17 Aug 2016

​Australia's plantations 2016 is a ​dataset of commercial plantations derived from spatial data provided by over 20 growers and managers. The data was provided in raw form and required standardisation to a common format. Because the report is based on mapped data, it includes corrections and updates to data obtained in previous years. 

This publicly available dataset has been summarised and re-sampled so the only publicly available attribute is plantation type – comprised of hardwood, softwood and unknown, mixed species, fallow. 

ABARES has prepared this dataset under the auspices of the National Plantation Inventory (NPI). The NPI has surveyed public and private plantation growers and managers to collect data on plantations established primarily for wood production in Australia since 1993. 

Australian plantation statistics​ is published every five years based on spatial data. It supports strategic forest industry planning and decision-making by presenting information on total plantation area, new planting and ownership. The spatial updates complement two other NPI information products published by ABARES: the annual tabular plantations update and the five-yearly comprehensive log supply forecast report.​


Australia's plantations 2016 dataset - Shapefile - Zipped - Complex Type (zipped) [4.3 MB]

National Plantation Inventory: NPI Regions 2016 - Shapefile - Zipped - Complex Type [0.6 MB]

​Australia's plantations 2016 dataset - metadata statement - MS Word [0 MB]​


Australian plantation statistics 2016 - PDF [23.6 MB​]

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019