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Decade of Landcare Plan - National Overview

​The Decade of Landcare initiative arose from a joint National Farmers' Federation-Australian Conservation Foundation proposal to the Commonwealth for action on land degradation. The proposal emphasised the importance of a self-help approach, relying heavily on local community groups, within a framework which recognised the responsibilities of Commonwealth, state and local governments. The Decade of Landcare was formally launched in the 1989 Statement on the Environment.

The challenge identified for the first stage of the Decade of Landcare was increasing the adoption of sustainable land management practices by land managers. We now recognise that we must look at ways of encouraging sustainable practices by integrating the management of land, water and biological resources.

The Decade of Landcare Plan: National Overview | Published 1995 PDF Icon PDF [185 KB, 15 pages] msword Word [39 KB, 15 pages] outlines the national goals of the Plan and how to achieve them.

Where to since then?

Since this review Landcare has continued to evolve and grow. ​The movement now includes Landcare groups, farming systems groups, ‘Friends of’ groups, school groups and Indigenous land management groups. It is estimated there are 5 400 groups and over 100 000 volunteers across Australia caring for the land.

We all have a role in looking after ‘our patch’ to ensure the land and water we use for agriculture and our natural environment is healthy and sustainable. For further information on the growth of Landcare in your area, or if you would like to find out about Landcare opporunities in your region, contact your Australian Government contact officer or Landcare Australia Limited.

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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